Fundraising in private schools on the up


Independent schools are seeing an increase in fundraising according to a report in TES

A record number of schools have exceeded the £1m mark in their fundraising, a recent study has found.

The sudden boom in fundraising has been attributed to the fact that fee-paying schools are under pressure to keep school fees down and increase bursaries for less privileged children. Because of this, schools have been forced to look into other methods of raising money.

The study carried out by accountancy firm Crowe Clark Whitehall revealed that the 522 schools who participated raised £92.9m through donations last year – an increase of nearly £16m from 2009.

The top fundraisers were Eton College which raised £5.2m and Harrow which raised £7m.

Tim Baines who lead the study told TES it is due to schools having a different attitude towards fundraising: “It is down to the increasing professionalism in their approach and the employment of dedicated staff. Gone are the days when you would just get a teacher to go and raise the old boys’ network.”

Hilary Moriarty, national director of the Boarding Schools Association says that schools are adopting a more American approach to fundraising: “This kind of reliance on fundraising would be unlikely in the UK, but the trend of expecting a return for a school from those it has helped to well-salaried occupations is definitely growing.”


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